This is a guitar made for the fingerstyle guitarist Mike Gledhill. Similar to a Gretsch guitar but custom made for Mike.

  • It is a semi solid body steel string  LH  Electric. Acoustic top with F Hole markers
  • 2 Rosewood covered Humbuckers wired to standard configuration. Master Volume, Master Tone plus volume for each pickup to mix in cenre selector position (both on) wired in series.
  • Option to add acoustic bridge pickup and multi pick up wireing system (Parallel/Series/In/Out Phase, Single coil etc
  • Body is 2" to 2 1/2" with a walnut top
  • Laminated birch back and sides
  • Standard wood binding.
  • Neck is custom 52mm wide plus 22 frets Mahogany, carbon fiber reinforced, sized thickness to Mike's hand. A lot thicker than standard for comfort and less strain.
  • 16" radius fingerboard
  • Zero fret with 52mm bone nut string  guide
  • 25.5" scale.
  • Pyramid medium frets to aid clean notes and more vibrato
  • Mondave Logo on walnut veneered headstock.
  • Walnut covered pick guard.
  • The guitar was designed with the great sound of a Gretsch guitar in mind
  • Waterbased polyurethane lacquer finish

Mike is very pleased with the guitar and likes the wide neck for ease of play. So job well done. 

*** Gretschish MGG1 ***

   getting ready for some serious picking