The MRB ny1 Guitar made for Matthew Rhys Barras. 


  • Solid Spruce  wood top with hardwood custom bracing.
  • Sound hole at the side with Internal baffling for  Bass response to the player and anti feedback.
  • Back and sides Mahogany. 2.5inch-3.0inch
  • Double laminated neck (tulip/poplar-mahogany-tulip-mahogany-tulip/poplar) plus carbon fiber tube, no truss rod.
  • Through neck and along back body of guitar.
  • Back removable compartments for easy access to custom pickup wireing. (For future fitting)
  • Mondave Guitars 'Open Hand' Logos
  • Custom neck back profile for MRB, a little thicker than normal with 48mm zero fret. 20" radiused.
  • Rosewoood fingerboard and open hand logo inlay
  • Head stock Spruce with Hand Logo
  • Frets medium  nickel chrome.
  • 24 frets (14th to the body) with zero fret.
  • Classical guitar tuners with end bearings.
  • LaBella medium/high tension strings 
  • 18 hole darkened oak bridge 
  • Clear high gloss water based laquer finished
  • LSM Mic/Undersaddle pickup, with volume and blend controls. Preset tone.

*** MRB ny1 Model ***