This is a guitar made for the fingerstyle guitarist Mike Gledhill. Check out 'Mondave Rag' from Mike's album 'Just Play It' 

  • It is a semi solid body nylon acoustic. A little heavier than a normal acoustic.
  • LSM pick up system just using set EQ balance and volume, set in the sound hole.
  • Side sound hole
  • Body is 3" to 2 1/4" with a cedar top
  • Laminated flame mahogany back and sides
  • Rosewood binding.
  • Neck is 24 fret
  • Mahogany, carbon fiber reinforced, sized thickness to Mike's hand. A lot thicker than standard for comfort and less strain.
  • Flat fingerboard
  • 52mm bone nut
  • 25.5" scale.
  • Pyramid frets to aid clean notes and more vibrato
  • Shell markings and Mondave Logo on the neck.
  • The guitar was designed with a 3" body but internally modified to produce depth and volume of a standard 4-5" body size.
  • 3 coat satin lacquer finish
  • Supplied with a custom strap

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Mike is very pleased with the guitar and cant believe the depth and volume it produces. So job well done. 

*** Mike Gledhill Model ***