The KGB-ny1 Guitar made for Ken G Barras fingerstyle guitarist.

 Guitar made for fingerstyle playing, comfort while standing, acoustic volume and amplified acoustic tone
Very loud while being strummed, perfect for nylon and classical players than need that extra range.
Found that if you capo the 12th fret it virtually turns into a 6 string ukulele. Stays in tune right to the 24th fret.

From the players perspective the guitar has a loud full tone even with the slim body. It was tested along side other guitars and was on par with bigger /standard sized body shapes when strummed. Even louder than one factory made classical shaped guitar( the body was twice as deep)

  • Custom designed by KGB
  • Solid Cedar wood top with hardwood custom bracing.
  • Sound hole at the side with Internal baffling for  Bass response to the player and anti feedback.
  • Back and sides Mahogany. Domed back tapering 70mm lower to 60mm upper bout
  • Laminated neck (tulip/poplar-mahogany-oak-mahogany-tulip/poplar) no truss rod.
  • Mondave Guitars 'Open Hand' Logos
  • Custom neck back profile for KGB, a little thicker than normal with 48mm zero fret. 20" radiused.
  • Rosewoood fingerboard with blue waves and open hand logo inlay
  • Head stock laminated Rosewood-Tuilp Wood-Rosewood
  • Frets high profile pyramid nickel chrome.
  • 24 frets (15th to the body)
  • Classical guitar tuners 
  • Savarez Cantiga high tension strings (first set to try)
  • 18 hole darkened oak bridge with blue sparkle wood inlay
  • Clear high gloss polyurethane finished
  • LSM Mic/Undersaddle pickup, with volume and blend controls. Preset tone.
  • Also fitted with a passive classical guitar custom Mondave made Pickup system.
  • Custom made solid case

Every Guitar is unique. A one only model for the customer.